Development of advanced semantic techniques for 3D Intravascular Ultrasound (3D Ivus) Analysis

Funding: GSRT (Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia 03-ΠΠΚ06)

Participants: CERTH/ITI, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Medical School, VRSense, Simtec

The imaging of atheromatic plaques in the coronary vessels is one of the most important research fields for the predictive risk models in cardiology. To date, several imaging techniques have been developed for the detection of plaque, among which the Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) holds an eminent position. Simtec’s participation in the project developed a completely automated system for 3D reconstruction of coronary arteries by integrating data from IVUS and coronary angiography.

This system comprises the input for the CFD studies, supporting, at the same time, the application of advanced semantic analysis of IVUS images and patient data in order to assist the diagnosis performed by experts. Simtec has evaluated the created 3D models of the in the project by generating meshes and performing CFD simulations of the blood flow within the vessels, in such a way that the medical requirements (for clinical diagnosis and observation) are covered.

Ansys tools: Ansys Fluent