Company Hidria IMP Klima d.o.o., Godovič 150, SI-5275 Godovič, Slovenia is one of ten top producers of HVAC equipment in Europe. Main focus is cooling, heating and ventilating buildings. Through our Institute new solutions are developed every day, also with a lot of help from CFD tools: Ansys Fluent, which is in the use in our company from 2004. From that time cooperation between Hidria and SimTec exists and optimal solutions has been achieved ever since. SimTec is offering extremely good support in using Ansys products, especially in cases where our engineers could not proceed with the CFD work. Range of SimTec’s knowledge is wide and we have been using SimTec’s support since the start.

Cooling of the mainhall, Belarus

New building needs a unique solution of cooling mainhall. There are several air supply elements on each floor level (grilles, nozzles). Air exhaust is in the ceiling. Heat load is on ground floor level in value of 1000 people and additional heat gain of sun radiation on floor level. Solution needs proper velocity profile and temperature profile (avoiding cold spots). Airflows are set individually per each element. All three equations were simulated transiently. Velocity and temperature profiles are oscilating in the ground floor level. Velocities on ground floor level are below 0.25 m/s.

Cooling the room in Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Illnesses, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Old Clinic for Infectious diseases and febrile illnesses used only heating of the room until 2011. Outer shading was not possible because heritage protection of the building. During summer temperatures in rooms were often above 35 degrees Celsius, especially in the top floor, below the atic. It was our job to find a solution for cooling the room with optimal performance. In CFD study a room with two beds was used, with installed cooling unit, suspended aluminium ceiling, because of the radiation effect, and a slot diffuser as element of air supply in the room. All three equations were used transiently in the CFD with additional radiation model, because outer wall and window reached higher temperatures. Simulated persons had internal heat generation.

Cooling of the server room, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Server room was simulated for proper cooling process of computer equipment. In room there was cold air supply and exhaust. Equipment has internal heat generation, specified per equipment type with integrated fan units (constant airflow). Best solution for lowest possible temperatures inside equipment was chosen as final solution. Additional internal walls were suggested in the room. All three equations were used transiently in the CFD with fan boundary conditions in equipment.