About this Webinar Series

In this webinar series, you will have the chance to explore the power of Ansys Multiphysics in four 15minutes episodes. Real-world application simulation requires many physics to be simulated together to account for complex interactions. Ansys multiphysics simulations help you to study the complex interactions between fluid, structural, electromagnetic, thermal, optics and other forces to improve product performance and reliability while reducing development time and costs. Multiphysics simulation can enhance your chances of meeting time, cost and quality targets in your next product development cycle.

Join us in the fifth episode of the series to explore the latest Ansys Fluent GPU solver advancements. Discover how multi-GPU features can accelerate your CFD simulations, reduce solve times, and save on hardware and power. See benchmarks on budget-friendly GPUs and learn how this technology boosts productivity and efficiency for laptops and servers alike.

📅 Date: July 19
⏰ Time: 14:00 CET

  • Presenter: Josip Zlatić, Senior Application Engineer
  • Who should attend: Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Manufacturing Industry Engineers

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