A technikai támogatás ügyfeleink sikereinek kulcs komponense. Akár támogatási kérés benyújtásával a saját Customer Portal felületükön, vagy egyszerűen csak felvéve a kapcsolatot támogató mérnökünkkel, a SIMTEC ügyfelei gyorsan megoldást kapnak technikai problémáikra és folytathatják szimulációs munkáikat.

A SIMTEC minden évben megszervezi „Technical Roadtrip” sorozatát, amelynek keretében személyesen, vagy online felkeressük meglévő ügyfeleinket. Ezeken  a találkozókon az ANSYS felhasználók konzultálhatnak a technikai szakértőinkkel annak érdekében, hogy a legjobban használhassák ki a szimulációs technológiát.

Ügyfeleink véleményei:

The collaboration with SIMTEC’s engineers is highly professional and successful. The support service they are providing is quick and with lots of expertise which has in the past saved us a lot of time and trouble.

dr. Henri Orbanić

We are collaborating with SIMTEC’s engineers for several years. They are offering us full technical support for cases, that we prepare during development of our new products.

Igor Markič

Our work with SIMTEC aimed to better understand the heat transfer and air flow management inside our refrigerators through state of the art finite element simulations. The collaboration with SIMTEC engineers was continuous and covered our needs thoroughly. What we appreciated more was their ability to provide on demand technical support of high expertise and deliver expected results in time. I would definitely recommend SIMTEC to companies that look for accurate solutions in complex structural and CFD problems.

Dimitris Chortis

R&D Senior Engineer

SIMTEC does a great job helping us be more competitive and fast in finding solutions and reducing manufacturing costs. Thanks to them we are able to deal with issues immediately before they become the problems. Highly professional and responsibe Simtec’s engineers allowed us to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations…brilliant.

Željko Glišić

SIMTEC provides highly professional support. Their engineers are always ready to provide accurate and fast solution to our problems. They have supported me regarding many different topics and the level of technical expertise they provided was always very high. We are really satisfied with their work.

Veselin Pavlov
FEA Engineer

We are really pleased to collaborate with SIMTEC’s engineers. The support team is of high technical expertise with fast response times. They have addressed every case that came up and thus significantly aided our design proccess.

Miha Pirnat

SIMTEC’s professionals help solve the toughest cases using Ansys simulation software. Their engineers support us in the shortest possible amount of time with their technical advices, problem troubleshooting and simulation evaluation, so that we can find the best possible design of our products.

David Derzic

Lindab is working in the field of CFD with SIMTEC company for over 12 years. In that period of time we had always best technical support, from time and challenge point of view. We were always treated as important partner, where both partners contributed to global solutions. We have even more challenging plans for the future and we are planning to do them together with SIMTEC

Erik Pavlovic
Strategic R&D Manager